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Currently thinking about or you are growing your online business, but...

You're an introvert who lacks confidence in showing up as your AUTHENTIC & REAL self online

Standard business or accountability coaching leaves you feeling not good enough because it's impossible to keep up

Would you LOVE to connect with your new business besties in a supportive community where you can support each other as you achieve your goals, all for only £7 p/m?!

This Community is for you if...

You crave accountability to keep you focused & on track that really cares about YOU as the unique individual that you are.

You are looking for someone who truly cares about your own success & is able to shine a light on the next step when you're unable to see it for yourself because your mind is full of advice / learning / mounting tasks & fear.

You're looking for training on business foundations to get your business planned & launched!

This community is right for you if you are looking for accountability that empowers, energises & increases your confidence & self-belief.

Whatever the goal is you're working towards, know that there is a space within this community for you.

How is this Community different?

Years ago when I began studying at college & on to University, I always felt like I wasn't quite as intelligent as my peers. They would speak up confidently during seminars & their memory for what we were just taught blew my mind!

The 3 of us would drive back home together. Mel & Charlotte would natter away, discussing the new knowledge we'd just acquired... I would sit there with my ears ringing & feeling like I hadn't got a clue what they were talking about!

I often joked that I must have been in a different lecture!

But the truth was I wasn't able to process the learning that quickly because I had been so focused on concentrating with so much extra stimulus (people!) around me.

It was there in my subconscious - but being able to contribute to the discussion in that moment - literally 15 minutes after class - it had gone straight out of my mind!

In time I understood that when I needed to recall it - it would come back (I graduated with a 2:1 (Hons) in the end!), but I would always forget what I had learnt the minute we left the lecture hall as my brain needed time to process it.

Over the year I went on to complete a PGCE, Assessor & IQA qualifications, Counselling training & achieve a distinction in my MA. So I know that I am able to process information & make sense of it - but at the time, sat in the car on our way home - I felt like I would never be able to achieve anything.

My message here is - we all learn, process, do, think & feel differently - so why should we expect that when we embark on our goals - whether personal or in business - to all do it one specific way?

As a teacher, I differentiated for my students without question. As a counsellor I am person-centred - I don't approach clients in the same way - because we are all unique. So why do we not give this respect & value to those we work with as coaches / mentors / therapists?

My passion for supporting women through accountability mentoring that is tailored to your own unique way of working is why I decided to create this community.

As an introvert I understand how intimidating it can feel, so this community is a way for us to come together, learn & grow in a safe & gently challenging way.

How Does The Membership Work?

Alongside the power of a supportive community, the membership includes many other amazing features to help you achieve your goals in business with more ease & confidence.


Accountability takes many forms within the membership.

We meet regularly to co-work & plan together. Each week you submit your weekly goals & I check in with you on a Friday to see how you've done.

This is via a weekly round up session where I'm live in group & you can use the call to ask questions share wins, share issues & together we support each other.

As the membership grows accountability pods will be introduced to support each other in break out rooms.

Weekly challenges are provided on a Monday & each month there is the opportunity to submit your monthly goals for review!


Alongside the Accountability sessions there will be a monthly training based upon different themes relevant to achieving your goals.

This may be business related, mindset or something members request. Guest speakers will be invited into group to old workshops throughout the year.

Alongside this, there are core modules available for you to complete to support you as you work towards your goals.

The core modules focus on:

- Clarity of Goals

- Planning & Prioritising

- Mindset For Success

- Procrastination 101

- Business Foundations

- Copywriting

Business Foundations

Creating a space for building business foundations is an important part of the community.

The foundations for business will be relevant for those at any point in their business. You may be at the launching stage, or you're looking to grow your online business.

The key principles will be relevant whether it's a product or service that you're working towards.

Key topics will include:

- Ideal Client Development

- Bringing YOU into your business

- How to create an authentic business

- How to use alternatives to social media

- Managing your energy

- Simplifying processes


I LOVE creating resources - probably a little too much...! But that means I get to share them with my lovely members to help them as they work towards their business goals.

Alongside all of the wonderful things already mentioned, a big part of the membership will be access to everything you need to set up & launch your new business!!!

I am SO excited about this as it's going to save you SO much of your time & energy & that's what it's all about right?!

Weekly & monthly resource drops. These may include - Done For You (DFY) workbooks / templates that you get to re-brand & use for your own business!

Are you still wondering if you join this membership?

Here's a recap of what you'll get for ONLY £7 p/m!

Are you still wondering

whether you'll join this membership?

Here's a reminder of what you'll get!


Accountability support to help you achieve your goals with more ease & confidence.


Join a community of fellow introverts. Become part of a supportive community where you can find your business besties!

Core Modules

Core Modules to help you grow & develop as an introvert coach / counsellor / small biz owner! All found within the private members portal.

Group Coaching

Your opportunity to experience coaching as part of the group. These take place either via Zoom or Live within the FB community.

Done For You Tools

A growing vault of resources & templates that will help you grow your business saving you time & energy to focus on other tasks!

Option to Upgrade

As a member of the Authentic Business Growth Community you will get exclusive access to discounted 1-1 work with me & courses I create whilst you're a member!

Some Client Love...

Meet The Founder - Lynsey

I'm Lynsey & I'm an introvert, HSP & I manage energy issues. I built this community to encourage & support others as they work towards their goals in a way that empowers them.

Being authentic & true to who I am is the fundamental value that I bring into my life - both personally & professionally. I value openness, honesty, authenticity & respecting others just as they are.

I have felt held back in life at times - not really understanding why I felt like it. I had lots of friends & a pretty active social life pre-illness, but it always drained me & I often sought isolation & alone time.

Time around people was draining me - but I hadn't realised!

I assumed it was a lack of confidence that led me to show up often, speak loudly, be up for a laugh at all times - but I learnt that actually it was because I was introverted but actively masking who I truly was inside!

It took a life changing chronic illness to realise this, and over the past 10 years I've carved a way forward that continues to energise me & build my confidence.

Now I'm fully embracing who I am - which is ironic considering the noisy space online that is the coaching world!

But I'm here to save you time as you work towards achieving your goals with more ease & confidence.

I firmly believe that we all have the ability to achieve our dream goals, but that there isn't a one size fits all approach.

I would never have thought I'd achieve all that I have after diagnosis but by embracing who I am, making changes as needed & planning for my abilities & limitations has meant that I have continued to achieve my goals.

This is what I love helping others do as well & why I set up Authentic Growth - if you've any questions about this, fill in the contact form below, or pop me an email & we can arrange a chat 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the membership hosted?

The private membership portal is held on my website. This is where you get to sign in & access all of the course materials & resources. I am currently building our community space inside the portal as well!

However, the group discussions & live calls currently take place in our Facebook™️ group. (I am in no way, nor is this membership associated or affiliated with Facebook). This is simply where the group discussions can take place.

As the private members portal develops in time the aim is to move it across fully - but this will only happen once the full community experienced can be included within this space.

As well as in-group lives, I will host Zoom calls for our training & co-working sessions.

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How much accountability will I get?

This will totally depend on you & the level of support that you need. There will be yearly, quarterly, monthly & weekly accountability activities included within the membership.

You will have access to yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily planning journals / worksheets.

The more engaged the community is - the more support you will ALL receive back from each other! I encourage you to post, ask for support & support others as much as you can. It not only helps you move forward, but you'll get to create some amazing connections with your new business besities - and that is something that is SO valuable. I have found the mutual support of a fellow coach so important over the past 18 months. We have shared our worries together, our successes, asked each other advice & offered guidance on pretty much anything & everything & it's been priceless!

For 1-1 accountability, I offer VIP upgrades which range from Voxer support packages to full 1-1 coaching programmes. All are available for payment plans - please pop me a message to find out more. 1-1 clients have automatic access to the membership during our time together with the option to join with a reduced monthly fee.

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Do you offer discounts for this membership?

As this is my most affordable membership I don't usually offer discounts. Founding members retain their discounted membership as long as they remain a member. It is also only a monthly commitment if you choose the monthly option, meaning you. can simply cancel your membership if you want to leave at the end of the billing period!


For annual memberships you only pay for 11 months. Everyone who joins for a minimum of a year enjoys this discount. However, no refunds (or partial refunds) are given due to the nature of the discount & low cost of the membership.

1-1 clients are given free access to the membership as long as we work together & are given the option to join at a discounted rate (depending on length of 1-1 package).

Occasionally I may open it for a slight discount, but this isn't guaranteed & prices do occasionally increase - so don't wait too long to join us at the current price.

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